Surfing in Bocas del Toro

If you want to learn how to surf in Panama, or if you’re already an experienced surfer and would like to catch quality, uncrowded waves, you may just have stumbled upon surfer’s paradise. Bocas del Toro, known as the Indonesia of Central America, offers world class waves with surf breaks accessible to all levels, only a short ride by taxi, boat or cycle away from the center of town.

For those that already know how to surf, we have several superb surfing spots for you to discover. If you have your own board, great! If you don’t, no worries, you can rent boards in town for $10-$20 per day (all depends on the size and on the quality of the board).

Some of the best surf breaks in the area are on Carenero Island, only a 5 minute boat ride from us. On Colon Island, you can try out a handful of other surf spots, which are generally a 15 minute drive from town (or 30 minute cycle). A bit further away, on Bastimentos Island, there are many different beach breaks as well as reef breaks, and even some big wave surfing spots!

For those wanting to learn, or refresh their surfing skills, we recommend 2 highly professional and competent surf schools in Bocas del Toro: Escuelita del Mar on Carenero island, with instructor Luis Bertone, and Mono Loco Surf School in the center of town, right across from us on the other side of the park. Both are excellent and passionate about surfing, and will make sure that you get stoked, and if you work hard, that you even stand up during your first lesson. They will make sure that you are safe, and that you learn the theory about how to behave in the water, and how to stand up, as well as the things to avoid. You will be in great hands at both companies. Surf boards, as well as rash guards and water shoes are provided during the class, and if you would like us to set it up for you, just come by our reception desk and we’ll make it happen.

If you are not sure where to go, just ask us! We will check with our surf partners to see which spot is good on the day that you want to go, and make sure that you’ll enjoy the ride. And besides, Tungara Calipso Hostel is always full with surfers so you are bound to find out where your roommates have been surfing! Click on these links for even more information about surf breaks in Bocas del Toro and about Bocas del Toro’s surfing season.